Tati says Valentina seems in love with Tiago

This afternoon, in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), Valentina Francavilla spoke with Tati Quebra Barraco and Dayane Mello about her relationship with Tiago Piquilo. The former stage assistant said she felt she was pushing the limits of proximity to the singer, with whom she had an affair in the past.

Valentina said she treats him like a friend, but she thinks the pawn is uncomfortable with her approach, even though he has no ulterior motives with his colleague.

“Friend, I think it’s more about respect [por quem] he has it out there. Because, like, everybody keeps saying: ‘You got this one, you got that one.’ So I think, [você deve parar], friend. […] You have affection. Turned that desire into respect. But for the other person, it’s not behind,” said Aline, mentioning Tiago’s girlfriend, singer Tania Mara.

“I’ve already called myself,” Valentina said. Dayane said the kid shouldn’t be sad about this, and she lamented, “I’m zero looking with different eyes.”

“You’re a well-resolved woman, but you’ll know the other’s jealousy out there,” replied the model.

Tati then asked if there were still feelings on Valentina’s part. She said there is none, “zero”.

“Something tells me otherwise,” Tati replied.

“Tati, may I speak? For my son. Zero. Do you know why? It’s been a long time,” said the girl.

“Anyone will find it, I’m sorry,” continued the funkeira.

Valentina argued that she has met Tiago several times in 12 years and that they never had any more involvement, in addition to mentioning that she was married during this period. “It was a very short time, there was nothing, there was only fun,” he said.

Dayane gave his opinion on the matter and said that he doesn’t like “repeated figures”, meaning getting involved with someone he’s had a relationship with before. Tati added that the repeated card may have involved an unresolved situation and that there are situations in which people meet years after the end and reconnect.

“Nowadays it’s zero,” Valentina replied about the feeling between her and Tiago.

“But then he feels bad. Because whoever is outside and sees, it seems that you’re in love”, said the singer.

The girl asked if it really looked like she was in love and Tati nodded. Afterwards, the three got up from the table and closed the subject.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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