The house where the gang rape took place belongs to the police sublieutenant in the DF, says police; see what is known and what remains to be known | Federal District

This Wednesday (13), the victim reported having been raped by six men. Over the weekend, at the police station, she had spoken of five men.

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In addition to the PM, his brother, Daniel Marques Dias, 37, and Thiago de Castro Muniz, 36, are in pre-trial detention. The victim recognized the three as the abusers who attacked her during a party in Águas Lindas de Goiás.

The suspects’ defense says “the charge is unfounded.” According to lawyer Marcelo Almeida Alves, the imprisoned PM “was not at the scene of the facts during the night.”

The lawyer, who presents himself as responsible for the defense of the three prisoners, informed, through a note, that the warrant officer was 50 kilometers away and that he only arrived at the house on Saturday morning (read the full defense note below).

Goiás firefighters rescue woman victim of gang rape — Photo: Reproduction

  • INTERVIEW: gang rape victim talks about crime: ‘Let this not happen to anyone else’
  • INTERNAL RESEARCH: PM removes DF warrant officer arrested for involvement in gang rape in the surrounding area

The case was initially registered at the Regional Police Station of Águas Lindas, but was investigated by the Special Police Service for Women (Deam). Another three men are wanted by the Civil Police of Goiás.

  • The party started on Friday (8) and would go on until Sunday (10), in a house in Águas Lindas de Goiás, in Entorno do DF;
  • During gang rape, the young man says he asked for help, but that no one who was in the house responded to the appeals;
  • After being raped, the victim managed to flee and asked for help on the street; two people passing by called the Fire Department;
  • The young woman was taken to the hospital, where she received care, and then to the Águas Lindas de Goiás police station;
  • Six men who were at the party were taken to the police station; the young woman recognized three of them, who were arrested in the act on Saturday (9);
  • On Sunday (10), the Goiás court decided to keep the three suspects imprisoned indefinitely and considered the crime “scary”;
  • A preliminary report confirmed that the victim was sexually abused, but the final report from the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) is still missing;
  • The owner of the house where the party took place, according to the Civil Police, is Irineu Marques Dias, lieutenant of the PMDF;
  • The corporation decided to withdraw and investigate the military “until this fact is elucidated”;
  • The arrested suspects and their defense deny participation in the crime.
  • Who are the other men involved?
  • Why didn’t any party attendees rescue the victim?
  • Was it a clandestine party, given the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Who has ever been interrogated?
  • What is the role of the DF Military Police’s internal investigation in the case?
  • What are the next steps in the investigation?

DF warrant officer arrested on suspicion of participating in gang rape in the surrounding area

DF warrant officer arrested on suspicion of participating in gang rape in the surrounding area

The victim said that the party started on the night of Friday (8) and would go on until Sunday (11). According to the young woman, at dawn on Saturday, she was invited by two women to sleep in a room.

However, after a while, the two left and left her alone. As the victim, a man entered the room and began taking off his clothes.

She said that after showing that he was armed, the man raped her. The young woman also said that, after the aggression, he left the gun in a wardrobe, as a form of threat, and left the room.

That’s when other men took turns to rape her. The victim said that, all the while, she screamed for help, but was not answered.

After the abuse she managed to escape, even wearing the warrant officer’s shirt.. She found two people on the street who helped her. The Fire Department was called and the victim taken to the hospital and then to the police station.

Six people were arrested, but the young woman recognized only three. The weapon used in the crime would be Irineu’s. In an interview with TV Globo, the victim said he wants justice (see video above).

“I want the arrest of all of them and that it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” says the young woman who prefers to keep her identity confidential.

What does the defense of prisoners say

“The Almeida Advogados e Consultores Office, through its Lawyers, is going to make a public statement regarding the alleged fact that occurred in the city of Águas Lindas de Goiás/GO, last Saturday, 10/09/2021, in which the information of “collective rape” of a young woman in that city. Well, in this regard, the Defendant of the Accused categorically denies the practice of such a crime, emphasizing that the Military Police, who now suffers the consequences of the unfounded accusation, does not he was at the scene of the events during the night, as narrated by the alleged victim, as he was at least 50 km away from his place of work, arriving at the scene of the events only in the morning, as will be proven to the competent authorities in due course.

It is also worth clarifying that the Defendants were NOT submitted to a custody hearing upon conversion from preventive detention, as determined by the National Council of Justice and that, therefore, the appropriate legal measures will be brought.”

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