Tiago says he and Valentina need to be careful

This afternoon, at the headquarters of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), pedestrians were talking about the limits of friendship and romance between men and women and freedoms in relationships. Tiago Piquilo, then, commented on the matter and used his friendships with Dayane Mello and Valentina Francavilla, with whom he already had an affair, as an example.

“Naturally, normal, one is born with a feminine and masculine instinct that is carnal. This comes from the time of the existence of man and woman”, analyzed the countryman.

Valentina disputed his speech.

“I can look at the man and not feel attracted. Just [sinto] who I really want to be attracted to,” he said.

“You look is one thing, your allowing yourself is another. You put yourself to the test is another thing. She [Dayane] she’s my friend here today, I love it, I get along really well, but what limits you and me is that we don’t sleep in the same bed. You’re my friend, but I’m not going to take a shower with you to watch you,” said the singer.

“I don’t think you would be watching,” commented Valentina.

“Who said?” Dayane asked.

“You’re my friend, but when you go to change, I won’t be watching you. Because one thing pulls the other, it’s the limit you set,” continued Tiago.

Then the pawn turned to talk to Valentina.

You are not my friend anymore. What differentiates friend is the freedom you have. Friend doesn’t kiss on the mouth and friend doesn’t go to bed. You are now my partner, my sister, you are a person I am considerate of, because I have already invaded the space of friendship with you. Is it over there [Day] is my friend because I have my limits with her, with you I’ve already gone beyond that. You are not my friend anymore. […] I respect you a lot, understand? James Piquilo

Valentina made a surprised expression upon hearing her colleague’s speech, but soon approached him, hugged him and kissed his head. Tiago tried to push her away, with a serious expression, as he spoke to the other people.

“His face pushing me, Tati. He’s pushing me,” said the Italian.

“Are you going to say that a friend kisses on the mouth? A friend doesn’t kiss on the mouth, no. What differentiates friend from something else is respecting that. If we’ve passed this stage, then it’s a different relationship. But it’s not the same as I have with Is it over there [Dayane]. We need a lot more care,” concluded the singer.

Later, Valentina expressed concern about the singer’s speech to Tati and Dayane. The two advised her to stay away, even though she has no ulterior motives, out of respect for the countryman’s girlfriend, singer Tania Mara.

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