Valentina Francavilla calls pawns for combat

After Dayane Mello returned as a Farmer in The Farm 13, Valentina Francavilla he decided to release what was choked to the other pedestrians at headquarters and a general discussion began. It turns out that the Italian doesn’t want to be judged because of her friendships in confinement.

“I really hope that no one judges me for the friendships I have, just judge me for my attitudes, because if someone ever judges me for the friendships I have…”, began the ex-stage assistant who was interrupted by Anitta’s ex-boyfriend: “It can be anticipated that it happens [de você ser julgada] certainly”.


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“I already notice that I come with the foot. I won’t be like Aline, I won’t cry”, countered the actress. “You can anticipate that it will happen, for sure”, repeated the ex-On Vacation with the Ex. “Beauty, Gui, go and come back”, declared the girl with pink hair. “Already happened?”, asked MC Gui.

“No, but it happened to Aline and I was like: ‘If it happens to me, I’ll come with my foot”repeated Giuseppe’s mother. “You who Valentina?”, asked the funkeiro. “I’m talking in general”, replied the artist. “And we’re telling you, you can be sure it will, especially throughout Brazil”, replied Lary Bottino’s friend. “Me for you, if someone judges me not for my attitudes, but for the people I hang out with, let’s go to war!”, declared Valentina.

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