Viih Tube breaks up and posts about ‘biggest love disappointment’

The influencer and ex-”BBB” 21, Viih Tube announced this Wednesday afternoon, the 13th, that she ended her relationship with Bruno Magri after three years of relationship. Some time after breaking the news to her followers, she posted a video on TikTok where the following translated excerpt appears:

“When you realize you’re either going to marry him or he’ll be your biggest love disappointment,” followed by silence and the thoughtful Viih Tube image.

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To break the news of the breakup, she shared a record where she appears with her ex holding hands on a beach and wrote a text in the caption.

“I don’t even know how to tell you this, but Bruno and I are no longer together. I didn’t know the right time to tell or how to do it, but then I realized that there will be no right time, it will be difficult to announce it anyway” , started youtuber on his Instagram profile

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“But if you saw the way it ended, I think everyone would understand what we’re feeling, it ended bizarrely well, with a lot of respect and a very sincere conversation! And the funniest thing is that it really was that classic “we’re at different stages” thing ””, continued Viih Tube, who took the opportunity to reassure his followers and say he’s okay with the situation: “I’m still young and I can’t be afraid of fate and what lies ahead!”

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The 13th out of “BBB” 21 thanked her ex-boyfriend for the moments they had together. Bruno returned the affection and also posted on his personal profile informing about the termination:

“You were the one who taught me what this love is. To be there, to care for, feel and cheer for the other as if it were for me,” he said. Thank you for showing me this side of myself that I didn’t even know. Our cycle together ends here, but what never ends is the affection and admiration I feel. I’ll hold you in my heart with all the love in the world, because that’s how I want to remember us. Thank you for sharing life with me so far. Cheering from here”.