“We don’t want to make mistakes in other countries”, says the city’s doctor about making the mask more flexible

Contrary to possible relaxations in the use of the mask in Brazil, Curitiba should maintain the obligation for at least a few more months. The confirmation was made to Band B, this Wednesday (13), by the director of the Epidemiology Center of the Municipal Health Department, Alcides de Oliveira. According to him, the indicators of Covid-19 are positive, but the city does not want to be hasty and allow a new advance of the disease among the population.

Photo: Carlos Martini/PHOTOPRESS/Folhapress

“We have a gradual journey that cannot be done overnight. The virus is respiratory transmission, so let’s first look at open environments, and then study other environments. We don’t want to make some mistakes, like the USA and Israel, places where a new variant ended up entering and people were careless”, said Oliveira.

Among the indicators taken into account for the flexibility of the mask in Curitiba is the advance of vaccination and the positivity rate in the Covid-19 tests. Today, there are 1,482,170 people immunized with at least one dose. The positivity rate is 9.2%, which is practically double the 5% that the Municipal Health Department works to release the mask in open environments.

Thus, the director of the Center for Epidemiology, however, confirms that the outlook is good. “We understand that the population’s adherence to the vaccine has been an important tool for the containment of the disease, reducing the number of cases and deaths caused by Covid. We know that we have a path to follow, but the almost new normal is happening, especially with the resumption of work activities and in schools. After so much struggle, we envision a much better future”, he explained.

Improvement in indicators

Currently, the capital of Paraná has 48% occupancy of SUS ICU beds exclusive to Covid-19 and 2,840 active cases.

According to Oliveira, this demonstrates the improvement. “Admissions are stable and health facilities are resuming their usual activities. All this means the stabilization of Covid in the city, all with great care and technical rigor”, he concluded.