Woman is startled when almost being hit by meteorite while sleeping – Mix it up

The meteorite landed on Ruth Hamilton’s side on her pillow. The case was registered in Golden, Canada.

Ruth Hamilton, a resident of Golden, a city in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, was shocked when she was nearly hit by a meteorite while she was sleeping. The case was registered on October 4, when the meteorite fell next to the Canadian woman, on her pillow.

In an interview with Victoria News, Ruth said that initially she did not know what had happened.

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“I just jumped up and turned on the light. I couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened.”

The woman looked around and noticed that there was a stone on the pillow, right next to her head. She called the emergency to try to find out if the stone was part of some debris of some construction that could be happening near her residence. But they ended up concluding that a meteorite had broken through the roof of Ruth’s house.

“We called the Canyon project to see if they were doing some blasting and they weren’t, but they said they saw a bright light in the sky that exploded and caused some explosions,” he said.

The woman said she was scared, thinking it could be something far worse than a stone that fell from the sky.

“I was shaking scared when it happened, I thought someone had jumped or it was a gun or something. But it was almost a relief when we realized that it could only have fallen from the sky.”

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Ruth’s insurance company will inspect the house for holes in the screen and whether they cover her insurance plan.

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