Young black woman will represent SC at Miss Universe for the first time in history

The 27-year-old actress and model Bruna Valim will be the first black woman to represent the state of Santa Catarina in the Miss Universe contest. The winner was announced this Sunday (10), and marks the unprecedented choice in the state since the beginning of the contest, in 1955.

Bruna represented the city of Otacílio Costa, in the Santa Catarina mountains. On social networks, the young woman celebrated the achievement: “Together, we made history”, she wrote.

“My heart is full of joy, God heard the prayers of the girl Bruna, who dreamed of this moment all her life. Trust my friends! A lot of things could hurt me, but it was my time to win. I waited and my turn came. Thank you, life, for all the learning. Today, I am the happiest person in the world!”, reported Miss.

Bruna’s next step will be to represent the state of Santa Catarina at the Miss Universe, which brings together representatives from all over the country. Then, the Brazilian who will compete in the Miss Universe with other nations will be chosen.

“The journey to Miss Universe Santa Catarina had lonely moments, when I was far from those who were always close at such important moments. The day before, arranging everything by myself, I cried a lot feeling the weight of lonely moments and other difficulties”, said Bruna on social networks.

The Miss Universe Brazil contest final is scheduled to take place on November 8th.