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Samuel (Michel Gomes) will scare Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) by deducing that he has a karma to pay with Tonico (Alexandre Nero) in In Times of the Emperor. The boy will bet that there is a supernatural explanation for his paths crossing the villain’s so many times. “This call of mine is a fate that I have carried since I was born”, the engineer will fire in the six o’clock soap opera on Globo.

The deputy will spare no efforts to hinder the construction of dams against drought in the Northeast in the newsletter by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão. The proposal will be taken for analysis by the congressmen by the Baron de Mauá (Charles Fricks), who will even get the support of Pedro (Selton Mello) to take the former slave’s ideas off the paper.

The antagonist played by Alexandre Nero will empty the session in the chamber to prevent the project from being approved in the scenes that will be shown next Monday (18). “I wanted to see those three slobs coming in and coming face to face with the empty plenary. Damned,” will celebrate the bad character.

“But they’re going to insist, they can even present the proposal again, can’t they?”, will question Nélio (João Pedro Zappa), who will receive a crossed answer from the boss.

“And I can empty the committees as many times as possible until they give up. And that’s enough, it’s time for the teacher to go to my house and start classes for Dolores right away. [Daphne Bozaski]”, will demand Tonico, without even imagining that the main ally is in love with his wife.

Samuel reveals curse

Samuel is not going to swallow so easily the defeat between the deputies, led by Tonico and his gang of corrupt people. “He must have been mad when he found out that the project was his, and now he’s going to do everything to boycott it”, will console Pilar.

“If he already hated me, things got worse after finding out that we’re back,” the young man will add. “Will this demon ever let us live in peace?”, laments the protagonist played by Gabriela Medvedovski.

Michel Gomes’ character will then amaze the doctor by giving voice to her intuition:

This connection of mine with Tonico is a fate that I have carried since I was born. We are children of the same father, we came to this same town, and they both have a history with you. Imagine if he finds out that I’m the man he’s been looking for, the Jorge.

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