After being promoted to Fantástico, how is Maju Coutinho’s future at GloboNews? · TV News

Promoted to the command of Fantástico with her debut this year alongside Poliana Abritta, Maria Júlia Coutinho had an undefined point in relation to her work at Globo: it will be possible to reconcile her new role with Papo de Politics, a debate by GloboNews shown in Thursday nights and has a podcast version since 2019?

The answer is yes. According to the TV news, Maju will keep functions in the open TV electronic magazine and in the debate program of the news channel, in which he shares the permanent cast with Natuza Nery, Andréia Sadi (who returns to his work this month) and Júlia Duailibi.

With the definition, Maju will follow his colleague César Tralli, who will also “double” the work. In addition to taking over the Jornal Hoje, the presenter will continue at the 6pm Edition of GloboNews.

As anticipated by TV news, the dance on the chairs within Globo’s Journalism and Entertainment sectors began with the casting of Tadeu Schmidt to the command of Big Brother Brasil. The station confirmed the change last Sunday (10).

With that, along with Poliana Abritta, Maju will occupy the place left by Schmidt in charge of the electronic magazine. Tralli will be promoted to the national television news, which he already presented on shifts and in eventual substitutions of Maju.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Severiano replaced Carlos Tramontina in charge of SP2. Now, the journalist was hired in the first edition of the local newscast. The changes will be implemented in the coming weeks.