At this point, Galiotte exempts himself and washes his hands when talking about keeping Abel – 10/14/2021

Palmeiras president Mauricio Galiotte has not made a statement since he began the team’s streak of seven games without a win on September 21. On Wednesday (13), he went public to say that coach Abel Ferreira will remain in office until the end of his term.

In the view of this report, such a gesture, with the dust from the last game already settled and the way it was done, sounded more as if the president was “washing his hands” than as if he were showing protection to his coach. After all, since September, Abel has been dealing alone with the pressure of results.

To Globo and ESPN, Galiotte said, in summary, that Abel does not leave the club in his management, which ends in December, when he will pass the baton to Leila Pereira. The future president, owner of Crefisa and FAM, sponsors of the club, has already said that she intends to continue with the coach.

At the end of his term, Galiotte’s statement reiterates his assessment of having already done what he should. What is even more evident when he points out the causes of the momentary downfall and practically exempts himself. To say that Abel stays is an act of alleged benevolence by Galiotte, which actually serves as a shield.

In both interviews, the manager cites emotional weariness, participation in eight decisions, technical and physical moments below the best, refereeing, calendar and stress as the causes for such a bad moment on the eve of the most important match of the year. He also mentions that the group is very strong, that it has selection athletes, grassroots talent and all the necessary structure to deliver a great job.

But he does not mention that his plan for reinforcements for the season was flawed and did not meet the demands of Abel Ferreira, who detected and informed him of the need for signings in March, when Alviverde won the Copa do Brasil.

Back then, the technician said that the slat would go up. But in a tone of financial austerity, Palmeiras chose not to hire to improve the starting lineup, but only to compose the squad and, preferably, without spending money.

Abel asked for a center forward, a right-back and a left-handed defender. Didn’t get any of them. So he was unable to promote the relay that he considers to be ideal for not having, as he always repeats, two good players and the same level for each position. Thus, some athletes were certainly more worn out than they should have been.

Of the signings made —Danilo Barbosa, Jorge, Matheus Fernandes and Piquerez—, only the Uruguayan left-back has shown the potential to continue playing for the team. Of the four, by the way, only Danilo arrived before the August transfer window.

The other two reinforcements of the year, Dudu and Deyverson, were actually the result of failed negotiations. Both were out of the club’s plans. Dudu was still a cocked sale that sank, leaving a hole in the budget projection of Palmeiras, despite the large amount received for its one-year loan.

Galiotte also does not mention that, as a manager, he is one of those responsible for the chaotic situation on the calendar, which he helped to approve before the start of the season, despite some changes resulting from the pandemic.

At this point, instead of showing confidence in the work, saying that Abel will continue at Palmeiras is just giving in to the obvious. With a month and a half to go before the game that promises to be the biggest final in Libertadores involving Brazilian clubs in history, putting the coach who brought the team up to that point on the street would be a huge irresponsibility. If anything in the course had to be changed, it wouldn’t be right now.

Less than a vote of confidence, Mauricio Galiotte affirming that Abel stays is a vote of demand and a warning that there is nothing more to be done. Thus, the manager reaffirms having made all the right moves so that Palmeiras had an excellent year on the field, when it became clear, since February of this year, that his priority was cash, not results. Priorities that were, but which need not necessarily have been, mutually exclusive.