Battlefield 2042 – DICE unveils Hazard Zone •

DICE has finally unveiled the latest game mode for Battlefield 2042, called by Hazard Zone. This way was kept under lock and key, being now the main focus of all who awaited its revelation. In Hazard Zone DICE implements consistent changes for a different gaming experience than usual in Battlefield, with only 24 player matches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, 32 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

“You will be entered as a squad of four members, and you will have to locate and retrieve the critical Data Units scattered across the battlefield, and you will do so while fighting opposing squads, which have the same objective. Gather the Data Units together. and choose when to extract them before a storm turns the area into a no-air zone.”

There will be a restriction of Specialists, teams cannot be formed by identical specialists, there will be only one type of specialist in each team. During matches there will be a small possibility of tornadoes and there is also the presence of AI-controlled enemies called Occupation Forces, all to add even more tension to battles.

A special feature in Hazard Zone, much requested during the beta in Conquest mode, is the fact that when you die you can crawl to a more protected area so that your companions can help you. If you’re totally downed when you’re down they won’t be able to help you anymore, you switch to spectator mode, but there’s still the chance that you’ll be brought back into battle through the Reinforcement Uplink which is distributed throughout the map and is where your companions can “resurrect” you, if you have that Tactical Upgrade.


Hazard Zone can be played on all maps that are available in All-Out Warfare, which are a total of 7, Kaleidoscope, Manifest, Orbital, Discarded, Renewal, Hourglass and Breakaway.

“Hazard Zone combines a tense gameplay focused on the survival experience with the best of the sandbox of Battlefield. You and your teammates will not only fight rival squads, but also forces like Tornadoes that can happen at random times, as well as Occupation Forces deadly ones that try to protect the Data Units. These Occupying Forces can acquire a target quickly and will focus on self-preservation. Prolonged involvement with these forces can deplete your resources, not to mention alerting teams of players in the vicinity. If you choose to get involved, your skill with the weapon will be a crucial factor.”

“Your objective is not to kill, but to get out of the Hazard Zone alive with as many Data Units as possible. In total, there are two time-limited extraction opportunities within a match. They occur at different times and in different locations. . This means that only two squads can make it out of the Hazard Zone alive, or potentially none.”

“There is a greater emphasis on the choices you make as you and your friends build your team. Choosing the right mix of Expert, Weapons, Gadgets and Tactical Upgrades is the key to survival.”

But will there be rewards for whoever manages to extract the greatest number of Data Units? Obviously yes. These Data Units will be converted into Dark Market Credits, which are the transaction currency you can use before each match, to purchase weapons, gadgets and unique Tactical Upgrades that at launch will be 15, like more armor, detect enemies for longer, speed up energy regeneration, and many more . Dice Units extracted also give players experience points, the more the better.

There are fundamental points in the “Goal” of the game, the Dark Market Credits mentioned above, the Tactical Upgrades that are passive and differentiated in quality and cost. O Loadout it’s another key component, it’s the combined set of weapons and equipment you acquire through Dark Market Credits. Lastly we have the Extraction Streak, a level individually associated with each Expert you choose and which increases by units of 1 in successful rounds, and returns to 0 after failed rounds. Achieving a high Extraction Streak unlocks discounts on the purchase of Tactical Upgrades or items for your loadout.


We have thus introduced the game mode that could revolutionize the way we look at Battlefield 2042. Not being a battle royale, Hazard Zone has many similarities and denotes that this is where it got its inspiration. Of course, we have the inclusion of modifications that could make all the difference and make it unique, thus fleeing the traditional format of tremendously massive battle royale. We want to experiment.