Ceni talks about organized São Paulo, explains a statement about Flamengo and laments disgruntled fans

Rogério Ceni already commanded São Paulo this Thursday in a draw with Ceará for the Brasileirão. After the match, he spoke about the controversy with the organized fans and explained the statement he gave about Flamengo.

Rogério Ceni made his debut as technician of São Paulo this Thursday in a 1-1 draw with Ceará at Morumbi. After the match, the coach spoke about the relationship with the club’s organized fans, what called him ungrateful and asked for forgiveness for a statement about the Flamengo.

“My relationship with São Paulo is eternal. I respect, for God’s sake, if I left my life in here for 25 years and there may still be unhappy people, I’m sorry. Whether the fans scream or not, I will always be close, always respecting,” said Ceni.

“I don’t think there’s any reason, be organized… Everyone greeted me, greeted me since my arrival, were happy. I think that over time, with the results… São Paulo is my home. The fans, let it be Independent, Dragões, which are the organized fans, I have the greatest affection for them all., greater respect for all of them”, he added, without getting into controversy.

“The statement I made when I was at Flamengo is that it was a great institution, a great place to work, a club that allowed me to be Brazilian champion and other titles. In Rio de Janeiro, it’s different. In São Paulo, the fans are very divided between the big three”, justified.

“The respect I have for Flamengo and all the other clubs I’ve worked for doesn’t diminish how much I like and identify with São Paulo”, he guaranteed.

With the result of 1 to 1, São Paulo accumulates its sixth consecutive draw in the Brazilian championship. The team is still threatened by relegation, goes to 31 points and is in 13th place with 26 games.