Chinese sentenced to death for killing ex-wife while she was live on social network

BEIJING — A man was sentenced to death for the murder of his ex-wife in China. The crime took place in September last year, when Tang Lu poured gasoline and set fire to the 30-year-old Lhamo while she was broadcasting live on a social network.

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The decision was confirmed on Thursday by a people’s court of the Tibetan ethnic minority autonomous prefecture of Aba and Qiang, in Sichuan province. Tang Lu was convicted of murder in an “extremely cruel” manner, according to the jury.

In networks, the routine of country life

Lhamo was very popular in the Sichuan region and had hundreds of thousands of followers on the Douyin app, the Chinese version of TikTok. She used to share scenes from her daily life in the countryside, picking herbs, walking in the mountains, cooking and working in her home, where she lived with her husband and two children.

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The videos did not show, however, that the woman was in a violent and abusive relationship. The couple separated about three months before the murder. She had to get divorced twice. In the first separation, the partner forced her to accept a second marriage after trying to murder the couple’s children.

Lhamo was attacked during a live video in her father’s kitchen. Hundreds of people heard her scream before the broadcast was interrupted. The woman’s sister, Dolma, was the one who found her injured in the house and took her to a health unit, where it was found that the victim had burns over 90% of her body. She spent about two weeks in hospital, but did not resist the injuries.

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The case has sparked a nationwide commotion and debates about violence against women in China. Lhamo even went to the police to protect herself from her husband, but her complaints were unsuccessful. According to the sister, the woman twice heard from police officers that the situation was a “family issue”.