Coyote abandons 7-year-old child at US border; watch video | World

A 7-year-old child was abandoned at the US border on Tuesday (12), local authorities said.

The little girl, of Salvadoran origin, crossed the wall that divides Mexico from California, carried by a smuggler, who, after leaving her on the ground, fled (see the video above).

Coyote walks with a Salvadoran child before leaving her alone on the American border — Photo: Reproduction/US Defense

Border Patrol Chief Gregory Bovino said in a statement that there are many dangers of crossing the border illegally, and that no child should be exposed to these risks.

“No one should abandon a child to the dangers of an illegal crossing,” said Bovino. “Traffickers will always see them as a product, to make a profit, without considering their safety.”

Border agents followed the entire action on surveillance cameras, but said they had waited for the coyote to move away so that the child would not be in danger.

The girl was taken by police to a screening center in California, where she will undergo a medical examination and “all procedures will be carried out,” the US Defense said in a statement.

Joe Biden’s government has been tested with the increase in the number of people arriving at the US border – including thousands of minors traveling unaccompanied.

Most immigrants come from Central American countries, fleeing rising waves of violence and destruction caused by natural disasters.

The White House said it is holding talks with the region’s governments to control the migratory flow and reduce the causes of this displacement.

There was an increase in the number of Brazilians who were detained on the US-Mexico border in 12 months: there were more than 46,000, according to the “Washington Post”.

In 2019, there were around 18 thousand. Among those detained by border agents, Brazilians are the sixth most numerous.

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