Ex-Cruise, Ded reveals that Caetano called him to treat injury on the Atlantic

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Defender Ded, formerly of Cruzeiro, revealed that football director Rodrigo Caetano invited him to treat his injury at Atltico. According to the defender, the manager had the intention of making a recovery project with the athlete.

In addition to Atltico, the defender revealed that he had been approached by other clubs in Serie A, such as the case of Internacional. The statements were made this Thursday, in an interview with Flow Sport Club, YouTube.

“I talked to some teams and received calls, like Atltico Mineiro. I didn’t talk to the club itself, but to Rodrigo Caetano, who is my friend, and he asked me how I was and if I wanted to go there to recover. I wanted to do a project: ‘Oh, if it works, you’ll be here already.’ Team polls, but with this fear of my injury, as my managers had reported from Inter. just the guys remembering: ‘look how Ded’s doing’, got it?!”, said the defender.

Currently, Ded is training at Volta Redonda-RJ, in the process of physical recovery. The last time he was on the field was in Cruzeiro’s 2-1 victory over Corinthians, on October 19, 2019, in the 27th round of the Brazilian Nationals.

At the time, the defender injured his right knee and was replaced by Cac. Ded had to undergo surgical procedures and has been trying to get back into fitness ever since.

Without a club, the player does not rule out the possibility of wearing the shirt of a rival team of one he represented in the past.

“I don’t have anything with any club, so much so that no one sees my controversy talking about other teams. As in Cruzeiro in relation to Atltico. I’m there, I wear the shirt, I’ll focus, work and dedicate myself to the maximum for the team to win. I have to keep talking about the other team. That’s why Flamengo and Vasco fans stop me in the street and ask me if I would play for the clubs,” commented the defender.

Bought from Vasco for R$14 million in 2013, Ded won seven titles with the Cruzeiro shirt: two Brazilian Championships (2013 and 2014), two Brazil Cups (2017 and 2018) and three Minas Gerais Championships (2014, 2018 and 2019) . The player took the field for Raposa in 188 opportunities and scored 15 goals.