Grêmio closes the hiring of coach Vagner Mancini | soccer

This Thursday, Grêmio closed the hiring of Vagner Mancini to take over the club in place of Felipão. The coach leaves América-MG and signs a contract until the end of 2022 with the club from Rio Grande do Sul.

As found the ge, the last details occur later this afternoon, such as the writing of the contracts. Grêmio’s expectation is that Vagner Mancini will land on Friday morning in Porto Alegre and lead the first training session at CT Luiz Carvalho in the afternoon.

The definition comes after Dénis Abrahão accepts the invitation for the position of vice president of soccer in place of Marcos Herrmann, who resigned after the defeat by Fortaleza. It was the manager’s mission to close with the new coach. He still convinces Roger Machado, plan A of the club since the departure of Felipão, but he heard another negative.

Vagner Mancini in charge of América-MG — Photo: Mourão Panda / América-MG

Without progressing with Roger, Mancini became the strongest name in Grêmio. Dealings with the coach cooled down a little after the change in the football department, but there was the proposal and optimism for the right thing. Mancini had a contract with Coelho until the end of the year.

Hired in June by América-MG after his time at Corinthians, Vagner Mancini would leave Coelho in 11th place in the table. The coach led the team in 22 matches so far, with seven wins, nine draws and six defeats, with a 45% success rate.

He arrives at Grêmio with the mission of freeing the club from relegation to Serie B. With 14 games to play, Tricolor from Rio Grande do Sul is the penultimate placed, with 23 points.

Still without a coach, Grêmio lands calmly in Porto Alegre

Still without a coach, Grêmio lands calmly in Porto Alegre