Itaú (ITUB3 ITUB4) approves the payment of JCP in replacement of dividends

Itaú application in the foreground;  in the background a bank branch

SAO PAULO – Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4; ITUB3) informed in a material fact that it has approved the payment of interest on equity (JCP) to replace the monthly dividends for November and December this year.

According to the company, the net value will be R$0.015 per share and will be based on the shareholdings of October 29th and November 30th.

Thus, the net value per share, considering the two accrual of monthly earnings, will add up to R$0.030.

For the proceeds referring to the month of November, the shares are “ex-right” on November 1st, while for the last month of the year, they are “ex-right” on December 1st.

Complementary JCP

Additionally, Itaú approved the payment of interest on supplementary equity, in the net amount of R$0.224868 per share.

The total amount to be distributed will be R$ 2.199 billion, net of taxes, paid until April 30, 2022, with accounting credit on November 26, 2021, based on the final shareholding position registered on November 19 of 2021.

Finally, the shares are traded “ex-right” from November 22, 2021.

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