Mônica and Junior Lima show their baby’s room for the 1st time

Musician Junior Lima and influencer Mônica Benini showed another quarter of Lara

the digital influencer Monica Benini, musician’s wife Junior Lima recently spoke about his daughter’s rooms. The couple is expecting their second child. The two are proud parents of four-year-old Otto. Now they are expecting a little girl! The baby will be named Lara.

Monica explained that her daughter will have two bedrooms. At first, the newborn will spend a few nights sleeping with her parents. Then she will go to what they called the transition room. When she is older, the baby will share a room with her older brother.

“While she is little, she stays in our room for a while, just like Otto was. That’s before going to her transitional room. There I also chose not to put a crib or mini bed. Because then the idea is to turn it into a guest room”, explained Mônica Benini.

The mother also said that the room will have a bed very different from the traditional children’s rooms. “I was going to put a single bed with a pull-out bed. But I stopped to reflect that I love taking an afternoon nap with them when I can. So, that’s right: baby’s room with big bed! Optimize and make life easier”, explained the influencer.

The transition room design was made thinking of reusing furniture that already belonged to the couple. the wife of Junior Lima even showed a beautiful carved wooden table that he won. The piece, imported from Bali (Indonesia), became the bedside table in Lara’s bedroom.

The family architect also gave some more details about the project. Nathalia Scheidt has created three room options for the couple to choose from. The theme that inspired the projects was “boho rainbow”, a style that mixes neutral colors, crafts and wooden furniture.

“A playful project with a wooden panel recreating the sun and gradient wallpaper mirroring the reflection of our sun at sunrise and sunset. A caring and loving family that asked to use the existing pieces as a matter of conscience and change the crib for a bed so that the family could be snuggled up”, said the architect.

Fans of Monica Benini and Junior Lima were delighted with the choices! “How beautiful”, wrote an internet user. Another said: “I loved the choices”. Another praised it: “what a beautiful project”. And yet another published: “each option more beautiful than the other. Congratulations, there’s a lot of soul in this room.”

The couple is already past the 40th week of pregnancy. Both are far from social networks and, for now, have not disclosed whether their daughter was born. In her most recent post, Mônica guaranteed: “I’ll go offline, ok? Because I’m enjoying being 100% present in what’s happening here… But we’ll let you know when Lara is born.”

The bedside table in the transition room of Lara, daughter of Junior Lima and Mônica

Play Instagram The table next to the bed in the transitional room of Lara, daughter of Junior Lima and Mônica

Mônica Benini and Junior Lima's daughter will sleep in this transitional room

Play Instagram Details of the transition room of Lara, daughter of Mônica and Junior Lima

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