Nanda Costa shows her twins’ bedroom ready: “what perfection”

Actress Nanda Costa and wife Lan Lanh showed all the details of their daughters’ bedroom

The actress Nanda Costa and his wife, the musician Lanh, delighted to show their daughters’ room. The couple is in the final stretch of pregnancy. They will be mothers of two girls. But the names of the babies are still a secret!

The twins’ room is signed by Gigi Barreto, a famous artistic director. She is responsible for curating several museums and theaters. Besides the scenography of some shows by names like Ivete Sangalo and Djavan.

The theme of the room stood out for its originality! Moms decided to be inspired by the universe and expansion to renovate the space for babies. For this reason, various ornaments in the shape of planets are hanging from the ceiling of the room.

The wooden cribs were placed side by side, right in front of a blue wall. The bedroom even has a colorful striped rug and a sofa full of pillows. The nursing armchair also stood out. The piece of furniture, found in the garbage, was completely restored by the scenographer.

The changing table sits on top of a leaky dresser and the babies’ items are stored in wicker baskets that fit into the cabinet. In another space they set up a mini-library with children’s books on the wall. in the same corner, Nanda Costa she hung a framed watercolor that she got from a cousin.

“We are going to tell the story of this beautiful family and show that you can build a house with a conscience, made by so many artisans, promoting a circular economy and filled with beauty”, published the set designer, when showing the result of the project.

Nanda Costa he was enchanted by his daughters’ room and thanked him on their social networks. “We are in Love with our daughters’ room! Gigi Barreto and Tati Felner worked so hard that I don’t even know… We are just love and gratitude! The setting for our biggest dream! Playful, magical and cozy!”, guaranteed the famous mother.

The space has won a lot of praise from fans! “Everything is so beautiful,” said one netizen. Another wished: “prettier little room, great taste. All the happiness in the world to you”. And still another bet: “what perfection. The girls will have a wonderful night’s sleep in this cozy room”.

The actress Emanuelle Araujo melted: “it’s beautiful to live!”. Camila Queiroz was also enchanted with the twins’ room and commented: “how nice Nanda and Lan, what a delight in the corner”. While Maria Flor, who is also pregnant, said: “what a beautiful room, girls!”.

Nanda Costa and his wife were delighted to show their daughters' bedroom

Play Instagram Mothers Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh wanted a room with the universe theme

Details of the bedroom of the daughters of Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh

Play Instagram Another corner of the bedroom of actress Nanda Costa’s daughters

The universe was the theme chosen by Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh

Play Instagram Details of the bedroom of the twins of Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh

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