New factory in Recife opens 350 job openings

The new plant of Bioxxi Esterilização, leader in the sterilization market for health products in Latin America, opens its doors this Thursday (14) in the Bongi neighborhood, in the West Zone of Recife. With an investment of R$ 12 million, the unit is expected to generate 350 contracts by the end of the implementation of the ten production lines.

Founded in 1981, Bioxxi was born specializing in the safe reuse of medical devices. In the country, the company innovated through sterilization technology, founding and developing the sector.

Today, Bioxxi has more than 800 employees, working in Brazil and Europe, avoiding the unnecessary disposal of hospital waste and sterilization processes, with outsourcing of the Materials and Sterilization Centers of hospitals, for example, where Bioxxi leads the sector. The company was the first to develop Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization technology in Brazil.

This Thursday morning, a visit/collective is being carried out at the factory, on Estrada do Bongi.

Bioxxi’s objective in the Northeast is to make the local market represent 40% of the company’s revenues in the country. , being the first enterprise awarded by the line regionally.

“Bioxxi, at the national level, already has more than 300 clients, hospitals… being present in the five regions of the country, in the CME management model. What we do is operate the hospital’s own unit. The big footprint of this project is to be able to serve the region’s hospitals, so that, in the medium and long term, these hospital units deactivate these cost centers in order to focus on the final areas”, says the Executive Director of Bioxxi Nordeste, Miguel Gastão.

In addition to outsourcing the operation of CMEs, the Bioxxi factory is focused on the sterilization of hospital products. All 10 production lines are geared towards this end. “We focus on the factory format for sterilization. The processing capacity is 300,000 health items, which are now reused. All lines are installed and we started operations on November 1st”, reinforces Gastão.

The forecast is to have the 10 lines in operation throughout until the end of 2022, with the factory operating in three shifts, for 24 hours.

The new industry will operate in the Bongi neighborhood, in the West Zone of Recife, in an area
built of 1700 square meters. In this first phase of opening, there are vacancies for technicians
nursing, nurses, machine operators and general services.

Bioxxi maintains a permanent talent bank. To enroll, those interested must fill out the form on the website