Projota deletes photos and claims to be in ‘the most turbulent phase of life’

Singer Projota shared a story after deleting all the photos on his Instagram profile. The former “BBB 21” participant said he was going through a difficult time and said he had decided to return to the studio for new work.

This time, I was going through the most turbulent phase of my life. There were so many losses that I found myself in a sea of ​​fear, I really didn’t know what to do.

The singer highlighted that he is completing 20 years of career before announcing his new project and commenting on a loss in the family. Dona Lourdes, Projota’s grandmother, died in June.

“I dedicate it to the women in my life. One of them is gone this year. This record is for them. In them, I see my present, past and future, life goes on,” added the artist in the open letter to fans posted on his social networks.

In September, the ex-BBB also commented on the moment lived in a video shared in Stories on Instagram. He said the problems he faced also affected his health.

They say that what doesn’t kill, gets fat! Yeah, I gained 15 pounds. For anxiety, anguish, fear, I don’t know. But I respected my time, I don’t even talk about it much here, I preferred to talk about my art and made an album about it. I stuck to what makes me most good, my family!