Real Madrid and Barcelona fight backstage for free signings of two heavyweight reinforcements, says the newspaper

Rüdiger, from Chelsea, and Kessié, from Milan, are in the crosshairs of Real Madrid and Barcelona

According to the newspaper At, the European season is still far from over, but the giants Real Madrid and Barcelona already fighting backstage for two heavyweight reinforcements that can arrive for free in the transfer window before the start of 2022/23.

These are the defender Rüdiger, of Chelsea, and the midfielder Kessie, of Milan.

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Athletes like Real and Barça for two reasons. The first, obviously, is that they are both quality athletes. But the second is the decisive point: the duo is at the end of their contract with their current teams, still without an agreement for renewal.

This means that both Rüdiger and Kessié can sign pre-contracts with other teams from January 2022, which would turn them into free reinforcements at the end of the 2021/22 season for whoever could convince them to sign a bond.

The newspaper also points out that Chelsea and Milan have been trying to renew their players’ contracts, but the proposals so far have not pleased the athletes.

Rüdiger, for example, wants a weekly salary of 400,000 pounds (BRL 3 million) to sign, which would make him the 2nd highest paid in the Premier League, just behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

O At, in turn, already assures that Real Madrid would pay 12 million euros (R$ 76.31 million) annually to the starting player of the German national team.

In the current season, the defender has 10 games and a goal scored by Blues.

Kessié, on the other hand, is only 24 years old and is the first-choice holder for both Milan and the Ivory Coast national team.

According to the newspaper sport, his profile is very pleasing to Barça coach Ronald Koeman, who wants an athlete with greater physical power in midfield blaugrana for next season.