Rico reveals that he thought about giving up after bullshit with Bil

Rico Melquiades and Victor Pecoraro continue to analyze the farm in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). In a conversation in the headquarters kitchen, the comedian detonated Bil Araújo’s posture in the game and revealed that he almost asked to leave due to the disagreements with the ex-BBB.

“This game is a giant wheel. If you put it on the farm, there’s no such thing as you don’t want it to go out, if it’s on the farm, it’s liable to leave,” said Rico. “Yeah, you can’t be a hypocrite,” agreed Victor.

Rico remembered the advice he gave to Erika Schneider — eliminated in the third field — when he nominated Mussunzinho and he was eliminated:

When I nominate a person or vote for that person I really want that person to leave. Like Erika when people were on top of her because of Mussunzinho, I said to her ‘Erika come to these people and say: ‘I’m happy because he left. Do you know why? Because if he came back he would chase me until he put me in the field and I’m very happy because he left’. You were supposed to have that position, Erika. Do you think I’m happy that Bil is back? I’m not, because I put him in the fields, he came back and will hunt me until I leave. And I said ‘come to these people and say: I’m glad he left and if I could vote for someone else and the person left I would vote again because here it’s me first, me second and me third. This here is a game.

Victor asked what Rico thought of Bil Araújo’s game. “In my opinion, he is one of the most manipulative in the game. I want to be friends with him abroad? I do. Will I go out with him if he wants to? Yes, but I’m talking inside. I don’t think Bil’s game is clean”.

Rico also revealed that he thought about giving up the game after exchanging votes in the last few fields.

He tries to coerce with the ‘I know the game, you’re leaving’ look. He has made me feel guilty many times. He comes up to me and says ‘this game of yours out there, I think I don’t know what’. Like, he makes me back off. Once I got really bad and thought: ‘I became a Karol Conká’. I went to the pantry, started crying, asking for a doctor and even thought about leaving the program because of him. I cried desperately.

The actor was surprised by the revelation and stated that his game is clean and would never do those things. The pair continued talking until Rico said he was going to sleep on the couch.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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