Russia Sets New Record for Covid-19 Infections and Deaths

MOSCOW — Russia reported Thursday a new record of 986 coronavirus-related deaths in 24 hours and 31,299 new cases, its highest number of infections in a day since the pandemic began, the first time the count exceeds the house of 30 thousand.

Previously, the highest number of deaths in a single day occurred on October 5, with 895 deaths. The record of daily contaminations was on December 24, 2020, when the country reported 29,499 positive tests.

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The moving average of cases is 27,708, a number comparable to that of December 31, 2020, when it reached 27,329 infections. The moving average of deaths stands at 942, an unprecedented record.

The Kremlin blamed the slow vaccination campaign for the rising number of deaths and urged people to get the vaccine.

Many Russians cited the distrust of authorities, even after the announcement of 95% efficacy of Sputnik V after applying the second dose, and the fear of new medical products, which caused delays in immunization in the country.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said about a third of the population was vaccinated. According to the Our World in Data platform, 49.8 million people received at least one dose of the immunizing agent, equivalent to 34.6% of the population. Those vaccinated with two doses are 45.3 million, 31.4% of the population.

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In all, since the beginning of the pandemic, Russia has officially registered 7.74 million cases of Covid-19 and a total of 215,000 deaths from the disease, a number that, according to estimates, could be up to three times higher.