Uber launches new running option in Curitiba to pay more and ‘jump the queue’

THE Uber launched this Thursday (14) a modality that allows users to pay more and skip the waiting list for trips. called from Priority, the appeal is valid in Campinas (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Belém (PA).

The option aims to give more gains to drivers and the possibility of faster boarding for users. The measure is announced at a time of crisis for registered drivers. In addition to the rise in fuel, other maintenance costs also made the activity more expensive.


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Trips with this feature will cost a little more than those with UberX, the app’s cheapest category, and will currently take place in the central regions of cities, where the wait for boarding has been longer in recent weeks.

“As happens at the end of the year, and with the greater flexibility of restrictive measures to combat Covid-19, the trend is that there will be an increase in the number of travel requests and that the use of the platform will be even more constant”, he says the company.

Interested users must access the application, enter the departure and destination and choose the Priority option. No need to download a new app. The opening hours are not fixed, it follows the dynamics of movement in the city.

Uber tries to streamline the app after complaints about waiting passengers and poor remuneration to drivers. About 1,600 of them were excluded from the platform recently for canceling trips after having already accepted them.

About a month ago, the company readjusted the transfer to the driver by up to 35% for UberX trips, the most popular category of the application, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Earnings depend on the time and place where the driver works, according to the company.

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