Yasmin Brunet denies existence of intimate video after controversy with Medina’s mother | celebrities

Yasmin Brunet

Yasmin Brunet

Model Yasmin Brunet, married to surfer Gabriel Medina, spoke on Thursday (14) about the accusations of her mother-in-law Simone Medina and denied the existence of a possible intimate video of hers.

The controversy went viral after a print of a conversation by Simone Medina circulated on the web. Disliked by Yasmin, Simone revealed having an alleged video of the model performing oral sex on a man when she was a teenager. Yasmin, on the afternoon of Thursday (14), denied the existence of the registration and rebutted her mother-in-law.

“Out of respect for my fans and Gabriel [Medina], I want to speak out about some news that came out this week. One of them says that there would be an intimate video of me in possession of a family member of my husband. This information is not valid. There is no such material. And it never existed. However, I need to emphasize that, even if it existed, it is regrettable to want to belittle a woman for exercising her sexuality. We fight to be free to do what we want,” Yasmin began in an outburst on Instagram Stories.

The model continued to regret the attacks she has been receiving in recent days and continued to repudiate the messages Simone sent Gabriel Medina about her and her family. According to Simone, Yasmin and her mother, Luiza Brunet, are poor in spirit and have a past of “porn movies, abortions and homosexual relationships”.

“Just as my life also has no room for homophobia. Another lie created to attack me would be about a supposed homo-affective relationship. As if living in love was something that would offend me… and this kind of attitude saddens me in the days of today. I cherish respect for women and for all those who live their loves,” continued Yasmin.

At the end of the Instagram outburst, Yasmin said she only spoke publicly because she and Gabriel Medina are tired of the spotlight of life together. “I’m only going public because Gabriel and I are tired of this spectacularization of our life. And also to end these speculations and creations, which are a pitiful attempt to try to attack my honor. With or without video, with or without a relationship homoaffetivo, I, all women and all LGBTQIA+ deserve respect,” he concluded.