Yasmin Brunet sends a hint to Medina’s mother amidst the fight

Model Yasmin Brunet sent a hint to her mother-in-law, Simone, mother of surfer Gabriel Medina, in a post made on social networks.

“Resilience is being a sunflower even during the rain,” Yasmin wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo, in a message that was understood to be addressed to her mother-in-law. The conflict between the two has been in evidence in recent days after prints of Simone criticizing and offending her daughter-in-law in conversation with Gabriel.

“Wonderful, who doesn’t like to fight”, supported a follower. “Your light blinds you to those who live in the dark and your past doesn’t define who you are,” said another.

The family fight will apparently end up in court. Yasmin decided to sue her mother-in-law after Simone insinuated that she had been a porn actress, reported columnist Leo Dias, from MetrĂ³poles.

The screenshots of the conversation show Simone talking to Gabriel and making heavy attacks on Yasmin. “Even your trial I pity you. I pity your poverty of spirit. Your wife and her mother are very decent: Porn, abortion, homosexual relationship. Who are you? Rotten!” to Simone.

In addition to Yasmin, Luiza Brunet, the model’s mother, also spoke out, stating that she was a victim of slander.

“I’m not the one who has to give explanations, but Mrs. Simone, who will have to explain her offenses, defamation and slander in court”, says a note.

Check out Luiza Brunet’s note in full:

“I never got involved in my children’s relationships. I believe and trust the choices they make for their lives. Gabriel, without a doubt, is a wonderful husband to Yasmim.

Precisely for this reason, it is regrettable to have to come, publicly, to talk about Mrs. Simone Medina, Gabriel’s mother. Even because I don’t know her personally, just as she doesn’t know me and knows nothing about my life and the lives of my children.

I have a 40-year career, and I have always worked in a very honest and honorable way. I have never harmed anyone, never had to violate my conscience. Everything I did and do is on social media and in my biography. There is nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

It is not me who has to give explanations, but Ms. Simone, who will have to explain her offenses, defamation and slander in court.”