Athletes will have to pay to train in a group at Ibirapuera Park in 2022 | São Paulo

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According to Urbia, the park’s manager, the idea seeks to “organize the distribution of sports advisory services that commercially use spaces in Ibirapuera Park”. “The Master Plan approved by the city in 2019 guides that the work needs to be carried out in specific areas, different from what has been practiced for years,” stated Urbia.

According to the concessionaire, the park is free and free to practice sports, but “sports activities commercially explored within the park” will have to contribute to the cost of the area.

Ibirapuera Park — Photo: Rodrigo Rodrigues/G1 SP

Urbia says that charging those who use the park commercially is necessary to promote the safety and maintenance of the site, since there is no more public money being used at Ibirapuera since the concessionaire took over management in October 2020.

“Assistants that need to block areas for commercial activities must reserve these spaces and pay a fee based on the rate they charge their students. At the moment, Urbia has been in dialogue with these companies to find the best alternative and percentage according to each business. The forecast is that the collection will start until March 2022”, said the concessionaire in a note.

Ibirapuera Park is 67 years old and has been under the management of the private sector since October 2020.

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