Britto Jr breaks the silence, detonates The Farm and exposes inner secrets

Britto Jr
Britto Jr released the verb after Mileide’s declaration (Image: Playback – Instagram / Playback – Playplus / Editing – RD1)

Britto Jr tried to take a stand on the controversial statement that Mileide Mihaile gave in The Farm 2021. At the time, the pea delivered an alleged manipulation during the formation of the swidden.

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On Twitter profile, the presenter shared the news and, in the caption, wrote: “Oh go! It can not be! Brazilians seem to like being deceived. That’s the truth“.

The situation, for those who did not follow, happened this week. The participant suggested that the Power of Lampião is changed even when inside the house, after the Fire Trial. The subject is one of the biggest mysteries of the reality show on Record.

“Um Poder do Lampião, in the dynamics of the game, is fixed. And the other is personal”, he suggested, in conversation with MC Gui. Soon after, Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife says she realized that the object was violated the week she won the dispute. “They change, I think at dawn. It even had a seal dropped there. I saw that they had changed”, completed.

The hypothesis has always been considered by viewers of the show, since only one of the powers is revealed (usually the Power of Red Flame, which is chosen by TikTok netizens). The second power, currently called the Yellow Power, is always a surprise to the public and is only revealed during the Formation of Roça.

Criticism against the alleged manipulation of the program’s direction was even greater this week, as Bil Araújo gained an immunity for himself and was able to immunize a colleague from the confinement. He chose Dynho Alves. The two pedestrians were precisely the main targets of the farmer Rico Melquiades and they moved the week in a series of incidents.

The video with Mileide’s statement ended up leaking on the PlayPlus live stream and quickly falling on social media. The name of the program’s director, Rodrigo Carelli, was among the most talked about topics on Twitter.

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