day has punishment and Marina and Solange making up

The day after Victor Pecoraro’s elimination in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV) has already started with punishment. Dynho hesitated with the signal from the stall and the production took (again!) an activity much loved by some participants.

Marina and Solange, who had been exchanging barbs for the past few days, hit it off while cooking. Arcrebiano and Lary talked about relationships and Aline made an unusual compliment to Erika.

Check out what happened today in “The Farm”:

There was punishment early on

Dynho Alves, resident of the bay, failed to wake up and caused a punishment for the pedestrians. Due to non-compliance with the rule, the reality’s participants will be without a gym for 48 hours.

“Oh, that’s cool, just because I was going to train today,” Dayane commented.

messed up with the animals

This morning, Gui Araujo and Rico Melquiades started the activities with the animals. Responsible for the milking cow, the pair struggled to separate the calf from the cow during breastfeeding.

Rico tied the cow’s legs together so that the calf could suck on its teats while she fed on the hay. After a while, Bill tried to remove the calf from the place and, unsuccessfully, needed the comedian’s help to separate the animal from the mother.

Arcrebiano, on the other hand, decided to let off steam with the horn cows: “My brother left yesterday, I’m a little sad today”, he lamented, about Victor’s elimination.

Marina and Solange reconciled

Marina Ferrari and Solange Gomes were cooking together this morning. The influencer used the moment to reconcile with the ex-Banheira do Gugu.

Exchanging curses is normal, but there is one thing I said that is inconsistent with my life, which is: ‘I want you to leave cancelled’. I don’t wish harm to anyone, regardless of whether I don’t like the person. So I apologize for saying this. I really want everyone to leave here with opportunities. Marina Ferrari

pool chats

Gui Araujo and Dayane Mello talked at the pool this afternoon. In the chat, the influencer made it clear that he does not intend to fight with pedestrians to bring entertainment to the public, unlike Rico Melquiades. “I’m not interested in doing what people like, I’m interested in keeping myself in peace.”

They also agreed that it’s easier to live in reality when you go through all the situations, such as the farm and the farmer’s test. “Afterwards, you are no longer a target. You changed your attitudes, you are more secure, you review your concepts with other people”, evaluated Dayane.

The Farm 2021: Dayane and Gui Araujo analyze game - Play/PlayPlus - Play/PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2021: Dayane and Gui Araujo analyze game

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

Erika’s smile is missed

Rico Melquiades remembered his friend Erika Schneider, who was eliminated in the third field. Along with Valentina Francavilla and Aline Mineiro, he spoke of the blonde. Aline, however, made an unusual compliment to her friend.

“I want to see that smile of hers. I think her smile is beautiful. Don’t you, Aline?”, asked Rico.

“Beautiful! Looks like Colorado,” said Aline, comparing the blonde to the famous horse from the rural reality show.

Billy’s DR

Lary Bottino and Bil Araújo were lying in the same bed this afternoon, in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). The influencer caressed the pawn, who didn’t reciprocate. The ex-BBB said Lary was “all in love” and she denied it, but added that she is more affectionate. Arcrebian justified his behavior.

I think I’m very detached, that’s why. I am very alone in life. People who came close to me hurt me. arcrebian

The Farm 2021: Bil and Lary talk in bed - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Bil and Lary talk in bed

Image: Playback/Playplus

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