GloboNews celebrates 25 years with the best news in history, but with an eye on the competition· TV News

Considered the biggest news channel in Brazil, GloboNews turns 25 this Friday (25) and is more attentive to competitors than ever. The reason is simple: not to lose leadership and hegemony in the audience, that has never been as high as in 2021. The growing political interest of the Brazilian people and the Covid-19 pandemic explain the good phase.

GloboNews’ great turnaround began in March 2020, with two different factors. That month, CNN Brasil debuted in our country with the promise of being the biggest competitor that GloboNews never had — with the added bonus of having a starring cast, with names like Monalisa Perrone, William Waack and Daniela Lima.

At the same time, the new coronavirus pandemic exploded, and the public was hungry for information. GloboNews acted quickly. For a long time, the channel dropped its range of traditional primetime programs and decided to bet on live news in real time, virtually 24 hours a day.

At the same time, it increased the political focus of analysis and increased the time for commentators on the subject. Today, its cast of journalists includes names such as Natuza Nery, Ana Flor, Octávio Guedes, Andréia Sadi, Valdo Cruz, Flávia Oliveira, Fernando Gabeira, among others. With analysis and news about the backstage of Brasília, GloboNews took a leap.

According to data obtained by the TV news, from January to September 2021, the channel achieved its best average since 2014, the start date of the subscription TV audience measurement with 15 markets. Last month, it had 0.67 point of daily average and leadership among all paid channels. The difference grows when compared to CNN Brasil, its main competitor.

On average, GloboNews is 252% ahead of its competitor in the pay TV Ibope PNT (0.67 x 0.20 for CNN). In São Paulo, the main television market in Brazil, the news channel is also at the top of the ranking, with twice the numbers compared to CNN Brasil.

News at GloboNews in 2021

This year, there were two main novelties: the debut of Conexão GloboNews, with Camila Bomfim, Leilane Neubarth and José Roberto Burnier, and the new Jornal das 10, with Aline Midlej. The morning is already the overall leader in pay TV, with 0.50 point in the Ibope PNT 15 markets.

Globo’s news channel has 43% more audience than the second most watched paid channel between 9am and 1pm (Discovery Kids) and twice as much hop in relation to CNN Brasil (0.25 points). Jornal das 10, on the other hand, maintains GloboNews in first place among news channels in the year’s overall result.

After completing 25 years, the pioneering news channel in Brazil is closely observing the increase in competition. In addition to CNN, BandNews also moved. On the 27th, Jovem Pan News enters the paid operators and will compete for attention, even if its focus is on a more conservative audience and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro.

For 2022, changes are already being considered, which shows that GloboNews does not want to accommodate itself. He wants to keep the numbers up and he’s going to fight for it.