Juliette on the downside of fame: ‘My relationships are less deep’ | Globo reporter

How to deal with the loss of privacy, the demand from fans and the pitfalls of passing success? At the Globo reporter this Friday (15), Juliette said about fame achieved after participating in the “Big Brother Brazil. Read excerpts from the chat with Juliette below and watch the full interview on video above.

“I was scared. Happy, of course. A sense of mission accomplished, but very scared of how I was going to manage it all, what I was going to do with it all. With so much fame, with so much love, with so much criticism… With so much. The first feeling was fear. And gratitude.”

“I lack time to rest. Sometimes I do so much that I don’t even have time to think alone.”

“I gained a lot of love, which for me is what rewards everything. People feel respected and represented. I think that’s the meaning of everything that’s happening. I gained a lot of responsibility. A lot of pressure to learn to sing better, to learn to perform, to converse. New responsibilities, new professions, from scratch. I’m having to reinvent myself.”

Juliette rehearses at home — Photo: Globo Repórter/ Globo Repórter

“I lost my relationships. They are less deep because I don’t have time. I’m not the friend I was before, I’m not the sister I was before, I’m not the daughter I was before. But not because I don’t want to, but because now I have a lot.”

It’s inhumane to try to meet the expectations of others. So I don’t try. I really try to be okay, because I’m never going to make it. I try to be the best for me, do good for me and people.”

“I imagined a fairy tale, and I believe people imagine it a lot. I imagined it was to be loved by people, to earn a lot of ‘free’ things, which we say, and that’s very good too. But the work behind it is very sacrificing. Twenty-four hours working, not just me, but the entire team. so it’s hard. If you really want it, if it’s your dream, get ready for when it happens, you’ll be prepared. Because I didn’t prepare myself and now I’m running after it.”

Juliette, BBB winner — Photo: Globo Repórter/Reproduction

“When it’s something mean… ‘Why does Juliette appear in advertisements so much?’ Then I don’t accept it. I see it’s about the person. It’s about frustration, it’s about criticism, it’s about discomfort, it’s about discomfort. it’s not about me.”

What is most frightening about fame?

“I’m just afraid of being unhappy. And I won’t let you. This life of fame is a life of great giving. You give it all the time. You give energy, you pay attention. If I just allow me to donate and not feed myself, I think it will drain me. I won’t allow it.”

The Juliette phenomenon — Photo: Globo Repórter/Reproduction

“Education was always something very dear to me, it was a very big effort. Everyone knows my story, I came from a public school, a very poor family, and few resources. And I got it. If I didn’t have the intellectual preparation I had, to make an effort, to get knowledge, I would be lost. I would not stand it. It’s no use having money, it’s no use having fame, it’s no use having a family, it’s no use having anything. Fine, anything. Knowledge takes you to places… It opens your mind that you don’t go any other way.”

This very fanciful, pop star place, I don’t think it’s very interesting. What happened to me proves that people are thirsty for reality. They have no thirst for illusion. It’s my perception.”

“I have a sense that my team is baffled. Do you know how sorry I am about this? First, because people always try to please. Then I take it and say something not so pleasant to try to understand and the person still agrees. And me too I read people not how they treat me, but how they treat others. It’s how she treats the waiter who comes to wait on the table, it’s how she treats the girl who opened the door.”

Juliette receives Globo Repórter in her home — Photo: Globo Repórter/Reproduction