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Mauricio and Douglas Souza exchange indirect information on social networks

Mauricio and Douglas Souza exchange indirect information on social networks

Brazilian volleyball team players Douglas Souza and Maurício Souza exchanged barbs through social networks. Without mentioning each other’s names, the athletes sent indirect messages over the web, which caught the attention of followers. The bullshit started after Maurício (see photos in gallery below)
shared a series of criticisms in relation to the LGBTQIA+ movement: such as the use of the so-called neutral pronoun, of toilets according to gender identity, as well as criticizing the recent news of the comics, in which the new Superman declares himself bisexual.

“Oh, it’s just a cartoon, it’s no big deal. Here’s where we’ll end up,” he commented on the web, posting an image of the hero kissing another character.

Douglas then made use of the same image. Without mentioning Mauricio’s name, he needled: “Funny that I didn’t ‘turn heterosexual’ seeing male superheroes kissing women. If an image like that worries you, I’m sorry, but I have something new for your fragile heterosexuality (laughs) . There will be a kiss, yes. Thank you, DC, for thinking of representing all of us and not just a part.”

Mauricio replied: “Not for me. Here it’s as fragile as a corner fence stretcher!.” In the publication, shared the sayings:

“Nowadays, right is wrong, and wrong is right. Don’t depend on me. If you have to choose sides, I stick with what I think is right. I stick with my beliefs, values ​​and ideals.”

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