Neto detonates Galvão for Neymar, end of line for striker at Palmeiras and Denílson nails Majestic result: press highlights | fans


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As expected, Neto stuck his spoon in the subject of Neymar x Galvão Bueno. After Globo’s narrator had a leaked audio in which he called the player an “idiot”, the presenter and commentator of the Band nudged Galvão during the program “Os Donos da Bola”. Read this and other news that gained the spotlight in the press today!

Nicola reveals that Luiz Adriano is out of Palmeiras plans for 2022 after the attacker’s video cursing fans go viral

“Luiz Adriano is out of the plans of the future board of Palmeiras, even though he has a contract with Verdão until July 2023. Palmeiras is going to seek interested parties in hiring the 34-year-old forward”, revealed journalist Jorge Nicola on his YouTube channel .

Neto defends Rogério Ceni as the greatest in the history of São Paulo and shoots against organized: “He gave a World title”

“You from Independente are coming to Rogério Ceni’s first game, who is the greatest idol in the history of São Paulo, because he gave an interview at Flamengo saying ‘the atmosphere here is different’. When Rogério Ceni says that Flamengo’s atmosphere is different, it is obvious that it is, just as at Corinthians it is different. This does not mean that it is bigger or better”, declared Neto.

Commentator criticizes Rogério Ceni and says the coach lost his chance to apologize to the São Paulo fans

“Yesterday he was a reductionist, ‘Flamengou’ a lot with these things, the stereotype, he was a reductionist, he put Flamengo as the team in the favela of Rio de Janeiro, we know much more than that. He got his feet through his hands,” said Celso Unzelte, from ESPN.

Series A: TV Globo makes official agreement with club to broadcast games on closed TV

After the agreement with Ceará, Coritiba, Fortaleza, Juventude and Santos, it is Bahia’s turn to sign a contract with the television station. The announcement was made this Friday (15).

Neto nudges Galvão after controversy with Neymar: “It’s not a man to support what he said”

“Neymar, you are not an idiot. Quite the opposite. Idiot is the one who called you an idiot. He’s not even a man to support what he said”, commented the presenter about the offense said by Galvão Bueno that was supposed to have been said to Neymar.

Denilson nails São Paulo x Corinthians result: “They tremble for Rogério Ceni”

During the program “Jogo Aberto”, the commentator bet that the Tricolor will win the Majestic of Monday (18) by 2-0.

Casagrande says he can’t have a “captive seat” in the national team and says how Neymar can make a difference

“Neymar played very well, and that’s how the team needs him: smart, motivated, coming up, because that’s how he can make a difference,” said Casagrande.

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