Pep Guardiola surprised by possible departure of Sterling | International

Pep Guardiola in charge of Manchester City

Pep Guardiola in charge of Manchester City

In the last years Raheem Sterling (see gallery below)
lived his outstanding moments with the Manchester City
, however, this season the English lost ground mainly with the arrival of Jack Grealish. For this reason, the player is even considering a change of club, including one of the interested parties would be Barcelona, ​​former club of Pep Guardiola

At a press conference, the Spanish coach commented on Sterling’s situation and was surprised at this possible change.

“I didn’t know Sterling wanted to leave. He is our player and I hope he will continue. I can’t assure anyone how many minutes he will play. Everyone has to show on the pitch. Not just Sterling but all of them, like Mahrez or Cancelo, who want to play more . I want them to be happy. They have to be happy to be at the club, otherwise they have to make a decision,” said Pep Guardiola.

The coach also spoke about the players’ minutes, but stressed that he does not want to see his players unhappy and believes that the situation can be resolved with the club.

“I can’t guarantee that they will always play 90 minutes. I decide based on what is best for the club, not the players. I don’t want to see unhappy players. There are too many teams, too many coaches, too many options. Talk to the club and solves the situation. I’m not just talking about Sterling, but about anyone,” added the Manchester City coach.