Retirement treasure? How much to invest to have BRL 3,000/month

Some time ago, Tesouro Direto was presented by financial educators as the great solution for retirement. In 2008, for example, whoever invested R$1 million in government bonds would maintain an average income of R$6,000 to R$7,000 per month on interest alone.

That is, at the maturity of the bond, after spending the interest for more than 30 years, the investor would receive back his million, with a discount on income tax, but also with monetary correction.

And today, is it still worth it? See below the simulations for those looking for a lifetime income of R$3,000, R$5,000 and R$10 thousand per month, on average, with Tesouro Direto.

Income of R$3,000 per month

Currently, to receive a lifetime income of R$3,000 per month with Tesouro Direto, it is necessary to have R$850,093 in the title “Treasury IPCA+ 2055 with Semester Interest”.

This type of investment does not pay interest monthly, but every six months. So what I called “R$3,000 monthly income” is actually the average monthly income of R$18,000 per semester.

To accumulate this amount over the next ten years, it would be necessary to apply, every month, R$ 5,702.

In a longer period, 20 years, you would reach the desired amount investing R$ 2,257 per month.

If you can wait 30 years, the monthly amount to be invested will be R$1,174.

In all these cases, and in the next ones to be mentioned in this column, I am considering that the investor, in addition to making these monthly contributions, also reapplies, in the same paper, the interest that he will receive every six months.

Also in all simulations I have already deducted income tax.

Income of R$5,000 per month

Today, whoever wants an average lifetime income of R$5,000 per month in the Treasury, needs to have R$1,416,822 invested in the same bond.

To reach this value in ten years, it is necessary to invest no less than R$9,503 per month in the bond.

In 20 years, the monthly investment would be R$3,762, and in 30 years, R$1,957.

Income of R$ 10 thousand per month

To receive R$ 10 thousand on average per month, for life, it is necessary to currently have R$ 2,833,645 in that public bond.

Reaching this amount requires investing R$19,007 every month over ten years, or R$7,524 in 20 years, or R$3,915 in 30 years.

Does it work for you?

I believe that for most people the Tesouro Direto is no longer a viable option for retirement.

The good news is that equity investments are becoming more affordable.

And that’s good news for the economy as a whole. The more people need to invest in the productive sector to earn income, the better it is for job creation and for the country.

A long time ago, I stopped investing in Tesouro Direto with a focus on retirement. My focus is currently on real estate funds and equities.

If you want to know more about how I invest, or if you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] Your question could become the subject of this column in the future!

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