Vasco x Coritiba: where to watch, probable teams and embezzlement

Two Brazilian football giants return to the field this Saturday for the 30th round of Serie B. Vasco receives the Coritiba, at 4:30 pm, in São Januário, with the presence of the fans, and need to win to touch the G4 with nine rounds left in the championship. Thigh, in turn, is the leader, but hasn’t won in three matches.

For the duel, Fernando Diniz will still not be able to count on midfielder Andrey, who had a malaise and did not participate in the last training sessions. Besides him, Sarrafiore only returns next season, Michel is still out, and Miranda is suspended by Conmebol. Striker Léo Jabá returned to training during the week after recovering from lower back pain and should be an option.

+ Check and simulate the Brazilian Championship Series B table

On the side of the team from Paraná, Paraguayan captain Gustavo Morínigo will be able to count on Waguininho, who has recovered from a thigh injury and returned to training. It must be listed and be an option in the reserve bank. On the other hand, Matheus Sales felt pain in his knee and was not released by the club’s Medical Department.

+ Sarrafiore undergoes surgery on his left knee, starts recovery on Monday and renews with Vasco

With 43 points, Vasco needs a run to get access at the end of the season. According to the portal “Infobola”, the team from Rio has a 9% chance of returning to the elite of Brazilian football. Coritiba is the leader with 54 points, has a 94% chance of going up and has built a solid campaign in the competition.

+ Three times in a row: victory, rout and national title marked Vasco against Coritiba ten years ago

In the last round, Gigante da Colina stumbled away from home, losing to Sampaio Corrêa by 1-0, even with one more player on the field throughout the second half. Alviverde faced Cruzeiro, at Couto Pereira, and was thrashed 3-0.


Date/Time: 10/16/2021, at 4:30 pm
Local: São Januário, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (FIFA-GO)
Assistants: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (FIFA – GO) and Bruno Raphael Pires (FIFA – GO)
VAR: Elmo Alves Resende Cunha (FIFA-GO)
Where to watch: Premiere and realtime of the THROW!

VASCO (Technician: Fernando Diniz)
Vanderlei, Zeca, Ricardo Graça, Leandro Castan and Riquelme; Bruno Gomes, Nene, Marquinhos Gabriel; Gabriel Pec, Morato and Cano.

Embezzlement: Michel (injury to the left knee), Sarrafiore (operated on his knee), Miranda (suspended by Conmebol), Andrey (feeling sick)
Suspended: Miranda (indefinitely by Conmebol)
Hanging: Vanderlei, Leandro Castan, Ricardo Graça, Bruno Gomes and Nene

CORITIBA (Technician: Gustavo Morínigo)

Wilson; Nathaniel, Henrique, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro; Willian Farias, Val (Gustavo Bochecha) and Robinho; Igor Paixão, Rafinha and Léo Gamalho

Embezzlement: Nathan Ribeiro (transition), Matheus Sales (injured) and Edson Carioca
Hanging: Wilson, Nathan Ribeiro, Wellington Carvalho, Matheus Sales, Val, Rafinha, Igor Paixão and Gustavo Morínigo