Afraid of the CPI report, Bolsonaro cries and plays the victim of the world – 10/16/2021

Accused in Covid’s final CPI report, which will be voted on next Wednesday, of having committed 11 crimes during the pandemic, Bolsonaro is now afraid of everything and wants to play the role of victim.

Never has a President of the Republic been accused of so many and such serious crimes at the same time (see the list below) while in office.

You might notice: whenever the situation gets in his way, the bully captain runs to the barracks or the temples.

This week, as his prestige with the military is at a low ebb after the September 7 coup strike, Bolsonaro once again turned to friendly pastors.

At a meeting organized by the evangelical church Comunidade das Nações, in Brasília, the president asked for mercy:

“How many times do I cry in the bathroom at home. My wife has never seen it. She thinks I’m the macho man. In part, I think she’s right even…”

The pathetic revelation does not match his combative image on the stands, from which he has never descended since he was elected, shooting everywhere, now seeking re-election.

“Increasingly, we know what we must do. Where we must direct our forces.(…) We cannot be hampered at all times, prevented, by anything, from continuing our mission,” said the poor man president, in his new guise of being persecuted by the world, insinuating that the other powers won’t let him govern.

If you know, why don’t you do anything to get Brazil out of this hole?

On Friday, after being appointed by senator Renan Calheiros as the main responsible for the tragedy of more than 600,000 deaths in the pandemic, Bolsonaro returned to the “pen” of devotees in Alvorada and went on the attack:

“Renan calls me a murderer, a criminal like that. A criminal is a compliment for him. Renan is thinking that I’m not going to sleep because he’s calling me a murderer, he’s dirty.”

More than a murderer, the president was also described as a genocide of indigenous populations, to whom he denied drinking water, food and correct treatment against Covid, only sending trucks of chloroquine, the medicine that does not cure but can kill.

Here is the list of crimes he is accused of in the CPI report:

* infraction of preventive sanitary measure

* epidemic with death result

* quackery

* incitement to crime

* forgery of private document

* irregular employment of public funds

* prevarication

* Indigenous Genocide

* liability crimes (violation of social rights and incompatibility with the dignity, honor and decorum of the position)

* murder, when committed by omission.

This could be the criminal record of the greatest “serial killer” of the 21st century, not to mention the destruction of forests, the environment, education, science and culture. Of our future, anyway. Was this your “mission”?

In addition, the report provides for the submission of a denunciation of “crime against humanity” to the International Criminal Court. He’s more likely to be convicted there than here.

If Bolsonaro had been suffering from chronic insomnia before this report, he will now be able to spend the rest of his nights at Alvorada crying in the bathroom, if that is true what he said. I can’t imagine Bolsonaro crying after saying “So what, I’m not a gravedigger?” at the thousands of deaths that had been accumulating in the country since March of last year – and that could have been avoided. .

At most, the captain will be able to worry about the fate of his children, also mentioned in the CPI report, along with dozens of ministers, ex-ministers, friendly businessmen and ex-employees of the high federal administration.

The worst thing is that Bolsonaro cannot even leave Brazil. What other civilized country would receive it? Who would invite you? To receive a single foreign head of state this year, he had to send a FAB plane to pick him up in Africa.

The only G-20 head of state not yet vaccinated, the president is unsure whether he will attend the next climate meeting, scheduled for Glasgow, Scotland, later this year. Better not go. Global warming’s biggest villain, with the growing fires in the Amazon, what would he do there, what would he have to contribute?

Life goes on.