Felipe Prior detonates Luiz Bacci live on Record TV

Felipe Prior was received in great style at Balanço Geral CE, with music by Manu Gavassi and grouped by Mayara Lorenna. Erlan Bastos, presenter of the journalist, led a special dynamic with the architect and former participant of Big Brother Brasil 20 (Globo). The famous needed live, straight from TV Cidade’s studios, to reveal which celebrities would or would not add to their social networks. Always controversial, he didn’t run away from the answers and surprised with the comments.

Erlan Bastos, during A Hora da Poisonosa, showed a list including several celebrities and a very special person for Felipe Prior. Sharing the bench with the journalist and Mayara Lorenna, the ex-BBB joked: “Am I more beautiful in person or on TV?”. During the chat, he recalled his participation in the global reality show and talked about his post-confinement life.

It was even left for Luiz Bacci in the live interview led by Bastos and Lorenna. The journalist from Record, presenter of Cidade Alerta, has not had a good relationship with the architect for a long time and was massacred in the air. The artist from the São Paulo broadcaster last year placed a helicopter to fly over the former-BBB’s apartment, located in São Paulo. Bacci’s intention at the time was to call the entrepreneur’s attention: “If you have the truth inside you, you will speak. We are with the helicopter so, who knows, you can hear the noise of the helicopter and put your face in the window to see that the reality here outside is different”.

When asked by Erlan Bastos whether or not to add the journalist, Felipe Prior was very direct in his answer: “I don’t even watch him, I prefer to watch you [Erlan]. In fact I believe that with the talent you have, you were supposed to be in his place. I wouldn’t add because he put a helicopter over my house, he’s such a dick. Then he came to apologize to me, he doesn’t add no and I don’t even want to chat with this guy. He tells his son that it’s no use talking about pandemics on TV, because he lives in the club and still says he’s not there. I get on TV and say: ‘I was clandestine and I went’. He’s also there and on TV he keeps saying he’s not. I really talk!”.

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The weather warmed up and to alleviate the situation, an entertaining story went live on General Balance EC. Felipe Prior, even interacting with such sincerity and thanking the participation, closed his face when the name of Luiz Bacci was mentioned. Galvão Bueno, journalist and sports commentator at Globo, was also quoted during the chat: “A critique for the media, sports area. They hit the kid a lot [Neymar]! He does not deserve! Galvão is talking a lot of shit*, that’s it, I said!”.

Manu Gavassi, pop singer and Big Brother Brasil 20 finalist, did not receive any needling. Felipe Prior declared peace: “In addition, I have no problem with her. Inside it was competition, outside everyone has to help each other. We also have mutual friends. First word [quando lembro dela] is it fairy or disney. They were living the world of Disney, everything was wonderful and for those who watched [o BBB] I was the curmudgeon”.

Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevin, seems to have had some friction with the architect as well. Prior revealed live that he sent a message to the lawyer, talking about a specific occurrence: “I knew MC Kevin, some thing came out of the golden cell phone. Everything I say is controversial and I texted her. If I buy a Ferrari, it’s my credit. My criticism was not with the girl who bought the cell phone, ever. Gossip sites took the news and went viral. My comment was: ‘What did this add?’ He didn’t add anything!”.

“Just in time [adicionaria], I’m his fan. One of achievements when I left the program, was knowing that the guy was watching and rooting for me”, declared Felipe Prior about the player Neymar Jr. Babu Santana, one of the great friends of the ex-reality, did not go overboard: “Logical [que adiciono]! Yesterday I spoke to him, he is my partner. I keep telling the shit I do and he says: ‘You’re so crazy’. According to Felipe, he and Flayslane Raiane never stayed: “Flay is my friend, but unfortunately she has internet business, to follow or not to follow. I do not know [se sigo ela], I don’t care about these internet business. I never stayed with her, people made that up”.