Fortaleza wins Chapecoense and follows Flamengo’s tail

Fortaleza won the match 2-1 this Saturday, 16

Fortaleza won the match 2-1 this Saturday, 16

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Chapecoense and strength they played a game of a lot of ball dispute and chances for both sides at Arena Condá. Better for the visitors, who took advantage of a penalty 47 minutes into the second half to win 2-1 this Saturday.

The result leaves the strength with 45 points, in third place in the championship. THE Chapecoense follows the flashlight, with 13 points.

O strength returns to the field for Brasileirão next Saturday, when he receives the Athletico-PR at Castelão, at 19:15 (Brasilia). Next Sunday, it’s time for Chapecoense visit the Bahia at Arena Fonte Nova. The match will take place at 20:30.

The game – O strength started with strength in the first half and managed to find the back of the net after five minutes, with Bruno Melo. The shirt 30 tried to cross into the area from the left, but the ball was deflected by Matheus Ribeiro and deceived the goalkeeper. Chapecoense.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda’s team continued to dominate the actions in the game, but the Chapecoense fought and found the equalizer in the 41st minute. Rodriguinho took advantage of the miss on the ball by defender Marcelo Benevenuto, stole the ball and scored the important goal for the hosts.

THE Chapecoense he took advantage of the break to get organized and returned for the second half with more structured football. The team from Santa Catarina created more opportunities and threatened the opponent’s goal more.

Even so, it was the strength who took better advantage of the few chances he had and almost managed to regain the lead on the scoreboard. On minute 31, Yago Pikachu raised the ball in the box. Chapecoense and Bruno Melo dodged his head to the back of the net. The bid was reviewed by the VAR and canceled by referee Zandick Gondim Alves Junior.

At the end of the match, a controversial move stirred emotions at Arena Condá. THE Chapecoense stole the ball inside his area and managed to score the goal with Kaio Nunes. But the bid was for review at the VAR and the arbitration decided to annul the home team’s goal and score a penalty for Fortaleza. Yago Pikachu converted the charge in the 47th minute and decreed the result.



Local: Arena Condá, in Chapecó (SC)

Date: October 16, 2021 (Saturday)

Schedule: 19 hours (from Brasilia)

Referee: Zandick Gondim Alves Junior (RN)

Assistants: Vinicius Melo de Lima (RN) and Flavio Gomes Barroca (RN)

VAR: Pablo Ramon Gonçalves Pinheiro (RN)

Yellow Cards: Ignacio, Geuvânio and Jordan (Chapecoense); Yago Pikachu (Fortress)


Chapecoense: Rodriguinho, 41 minutes into the 1st half

Strength: Bruno Melo, 5 minutes into the 1st half and Yago Pikachu, 47 minutes into the 2nd half

CHAPECOENSE: Keiller; Matheus Ribeiro, Ignácio (Perotti), Joílson, Jordan and Mancha; Denner (Kaio Nunes), Moisés Ribeiro and Lima (Ronei); Mike (Henrique Almeida) and Rodriguinho (Geuvânio)

Technician: Painted

STRENGTH: Felipe Alves; Tinga, Marcelo Benevenuto and Jussa; Yago Pikachu, Ronald (Ederson), Felipe, Matheus Vargas (Lucas Lima), Bruno Melo (Lucas Crispim); Henríquez (Wellington Paulista) and David (Romarinho)

Technician: Juan Pablo Vojvoda