In an interview, Joelma recalls the end of his marriage to Ximbinha

In an interview with Leda Nagle’s YouTube channel, Joelma recalled the troubled end of her marriage to Ximbinha, in 2015. During the chat with the journalist, the singer reaffirmed that the separation took place after a betrayal by the guitarist and also due to violence he suffered.

“It was a very difficult time, where I couldn’t bear to carry that burden anymore. I held it until the last second because of my kids, because of all the work I built, because 90% of everything I did,” she said, referring to the band Calypso.

“There was betrayal, there was violence, there was everything, and you have to make a decision. I needed to get out of that situation for yesterday, because I couldn’t stand it,” he continued.

About the aggression, Leda wanted to know if the musician actually came to blows: “It didn’t come to the point. That’s when I decided to split up for good: when there was a fight that my son got into, and that was the last straw .You can’t let this take you to the deep end.”

Joelma and Ximbinha haven’t spoken since that time and decided to pursue a solo career. The singer is currently married to Karen Kethlen, pointed out as the pivot of their separation, and lives in the house where he lived with the singer in Pará.


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