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Poliana Rocha and Leonardo (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The couple



Poliana Rocha

, celebrate 25 years of marriage this Saturday (16/10). On social networks, the singer celebrated his silver wedding anniversary and declared himself to be loved.

For this, the countryman opened the photo album and retrieved images from the bottom of the chest, since the beginning of the relationship until today.

“Today we celebrate 25 years of marriage. Silver wedding next to this incredible woman that God gave me, Poliana”, began the artist in the caption of



“Thank you for your love, for your friendship, for the beautiful family we formed and for always being by my side. Everything only makes sense because I have you. I love you,” he concluded.

In the comments tab, celebrities, friends and fans wished the couple well. “Congratulations to the couple! May you greatly bless them!”

Michelle Bolsonaro

. “How beautiful,” he wrote

Andressa Suita

. “Congratulations friends. Best wishes in this meeting of souls and joys”, he said

Tom Cavalcante

. “Congratulations dear brother! God bless you greatly!”

Fernando Pires

. “Congratulations Compadre, it’s good to see that love always wins, Comadre Poliana, you knew with your knack, love and a lot of faith, to maintain and take care of this beautiful union! May 25 more come”, he celebrated.

Nani Venncio

. “Beautiful of a figa”, he pointed out

Juliana Valczia

. “God bless, infinite happiness”, he reinforced

Rodrigo Phavanello


Check it out below:

In turn,


celebrated the special date via


of the social network.

“The celebration of the silver wedding anniversary celebrates twenty-five years of union and a trajectory of good and bad experiences, many achievements and lessons learned,” he said.

“And I go to see our photos and I end up feeling emotional. I remember everything I’ve lived through, a whole movie plays in my head! But I believe that everything is worth it, when there is love! I always gave myself and gave my best. often, but don’t give up”.

Poliana Rocha

See, below, the



Stories by Poliana Rocha (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Poliana Rocha vented on social media (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)
Stories by Poliana Rocha (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Poliana Rocha via stories (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

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