Netflix’s Korean series had much smaller budget than Western hits

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Recently the Netflix released surprising numbers about the series Round 6, declaring that the title became the biggest debut in the entire history of the platform. streaming. An incredible feat considering that the drama cost in its first season the equivalent of a single episode of the most famous series — both from the platform itself, as well as from other services like Disney+ and HBO Max (via ComicBook).

As no one seemed to be expecting the absurd success that the title had, its budget was only 21 million dollars, totaling an approximate expense of 2.4 million dollars per episode. Meanwhile, even titles produced internally by the company, such as Stranger Things and The Crown, received about 10 million dollars for your productions.

Ji-Yeong (left) and Sae-Byeok (right) characters

The platform reported that a total of 111 million people watched the drama, earning the title of most watched in its first month in the catalog. This position was previously occupied by Bridgerton, with only 82 million viewers in a period of exhibition slightly longer than that of Round 6.

The Asian series director, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, was surprised with such repercussions and even assumed that he had no plans for a second season when he finished the plot. With the resounding success, he revealed that there is still a lot he would like to tell about various aspects of the work.

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