Rodrigo Faro shocks when he compares Lary Bottino with Dona Geralda from BBB and she takes action live

Lary Bottino is confused with Dona Geralda in A Fazenda 2021 (Image: Reproduction – Twitter / Editing – RD1)

lary bottino has been the target of funny comments because of his looks since his arrival in The Farm 2021 and even Rodrigo Faro decided to join the wave, comparing her with Dona Geralda, from BBB.

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He followed the comparisons that internet users began to make in recent days and made a point of talking to the reality show participant’s face, during her participation this Friday afternoon (15).

At the time, the presenter was with Victor Pecoraro on stage and chatted with the pawns of the confinement. When interacting with Lary, however, he went straight and fired:

“Your little hair is amazing. It’s reminding Dona Geralda from BBB”.

Immediately, the participants laughed at the situation, but no one knows if the girl liked the game or not, as her answer was: “That’s good”. Remember that this is not the first comparison they make.

When Lary Bottino arrived on the show, the audience mocked her appearance, as she was wearing a wig that looked like the character’s. Mrs Clotilde, the Witch of 71, of Chaves.

To complete, the famous was still wearing a blue dress, just like the Witch’s. Other people compared it to the “Velha Surda” in A Praça é Nossa.

“She came dressed as the deaf old woman from the square is ours? I didn’t like it at all. Did she come to finish sinking the issue?”, questioned one person. “It looks like a witch, the one from 71. What an ugly wig”, said another.

The digital influencer came in as a replacement for Fernanda Medrado and the scene was shown during a live flash of the TV show. record. Upon entering the headquarters, Lary was embraced by Gui Araújo.

The two are friends outside the game. But what caught the attention was the reaction of singer Tati Quebra Barraco. “Who is it?”, questioned the funkeira, totally unaware of who the beauty is.

The carioca’s question became a joke on social networks.

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