Sobrado collapses in the community of Paraisópolis and causes at least one death

A four-story house collapsed in the late afternoon of this Saturday (16) in the community of Paraisópolis, in the South Zone of São Paulo. According to the Fire Department, five people were at the scene at the time, and a 55-year-old man ended up dying.

The man who did not resist the wounds was located after the cell phone rang amidst the rubble late on Saturday night (16).

Two victims — a 48-year-old man with a fractured lower limb and a 49-year-old man with bruises — were rescued by firefighters. They were sent to the hospital in the Campo Limpo region, also in the South Zone of the capital.

Two other victims were rescued by residents, before the arrival of firefighters.

The collapse took place at the intersection of Rua Itajubaquara and Rua Herbert Spencer, in Paraisópolis. The first call to the fire department was made around 5:45 pm.

According to information from firefighters, the structure of the manor house reached other masonry houses in the surroundings. Also according to firefighters, the reason for the collapse is unknown.

More than 50 firefighters, 14 vehicles and a rescue dog worked at the site. The occurrence will be registered in the 89th DP, according to the Military Police.

Civil Defense will be activated after the rescue operation is completed.

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