Uber launches fast boarding option: more expensive for passengers and promising more gains for drivers

Man holding cell phone with Uber app.


In recent months, amid high gasoline prices in Brazil, Uber passengers are taking “chair tea” to be able to embark on trips through the app. Reacting to the complaints, the company announced on Thursday, 14, the Uber Priority feature, in which users will be able to pay to board faster.

The function will be made available initially in Campinas (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Belém (PA) – Uber says that the option will work in the central region of cities, where the wait for boarding has been longer.

Without revealing values, the company says that priority trips “will cost a little more than UberX (popular trips in the app)” and will result in more gains for drivers.

Uber Priority will appear as another option on the passenger screen after they enter the destination address. According to Uber, the hours of operation of the resource are not fixed and follow the dynamics of movement in the city. Drivers may or may not accept priority trips.

High prices

Trip cancellation complaints have grown in recent months among passengers on Uber and other transportation apps.

Part of the problem is due to the high fuel prices in the country, which makes it difficult for drivers to operate – the 10.25% rate accumulated by inflation in the 12 months ending in September had fuel as its main contribution (2.40 percentage points, being the gasoline responsible for 1.93 percentage points individually).

In a statement on Thursday, however, the company cites another reason for the launch of Uber Priority. “As happens at the end of the year and with the greater flexibility of restrictive measures to combat covid-19, the trend is for an increase in the number of travel requests and for the use of the platform to be even more constant,” he said.

In September, Uber adopted adjustments to reduce losses for drivers: the company informed that, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the values ​​of gains with UberX trips would be adjusted by up to 35%.

The review of fees is also being carried out in other cities, but the percentages may change depending on the region. According to the company, the readjustments are only in the gains for drivers and should not affect users. In addition, Uber signed a partnership with Ipiranga service stations to permanently offer cashback of up to 4% on fuel for payments through the network’s application.

App 99, Uber’s rival, has also been suffering from the problem. The company readjusted last month the earnings of partner drivers between 10% and 25% throughout Brazil – the company defines the percentage based on factors such as location, distance and category.

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