Zilu appears kissing a woman and vents about sexual option | Fame | Online Diary

Businesswoman Zilu Godói, ex of Zezé Di Camargo and mother of singer Wanessa Camargo, came out in public to take a stand on the recent controversy that took place last Friday (15th). After posting a photo, where she appeared kissing her friend Carmen Gusmão and receiving criticism from some followers, she decided to speak up.

Through her Instagram stories, the socialite shared a video, demonstrating her indignation. “Hi, my loves. I played a joke on Carmen’s birthday: we gave her a peck as a joke, because she is my friend/sister, as I do with my daughters, my mother, my sisters. It’s a joke, ok? This has nothing to do. Even if it wasn’t, what would be the problem? What would be the problem if I were gay?” Zilu said.

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“I think this is pure prejudice in people not following me through this situation, but I don’t care, do you know why? I just want people here who like me, regardless of my choices, regardless of what I do, regardless of who I am. Do you know why? Because I’m very well resolved and it doesn’t affect me at all, but if it affects you, you don’t need to follow me. I just want people who really like me.”

Wanessa Camargo’s mother even mentioned the presenter Hebe Camargo in the photo in which she appears giving her friend a kiss, since the demonstration of affection was something very common in Hebe’s life. Still, there were people who didn’t understand the proposal of the photo and started to be aggressive.