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Another very heavy blow to Globo’s football.

Precisely in the future that the Rio de Janeiro broadcaster envisions for the Brazilian’s favorite sport: the digital world.

After the Libertadores, the Campeonato Paulista, the Campeonato Carioca, the Copa América, part of the Eliminations, and Formula 1, another huge defeat comes.

Due to the legal fight for the reduction of the transmission price of the 2022 World Cup, FIFA imposed a price of 8 million dollars, about R$ 43 million, for the exclusivity of the World Cup over the Internet.

Experiencing the biggest financial crisis in its history, Globo had no other way out. Except give up.

In other words, there will be another vehicle on the Internet showing the World Cup games.

What would have been unthinkable years ago.

The ‘eternal’ partnership relationship with FIFA was shaken when the station entered the Brazilian courts last year. Reason: I did not want to pay the portion of R$90 million, agreed to be paid in 2020, for the right to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar.

The FIFA summit protested. There was a legal impasse, but Globo won. But the broadcaster decided to look for the entity for a new deal. There was, secretive.

But the proof that the situation did not follow the same came to light today, with FIFA charging the R$ 43 million for the exclusivity of the games on the Internet.

Social networks are already scrambling to ‘seize the opportunity’.

Globo has also just lost the exclusivity of broadcasting the Campeonato Mineiro.

And the broadcaster claimed that it would not be able to maintain the same offer of R$43 million for the tournament, as it had been doing.

She accepts another station to show the games.

But the biggest possibility is that she will lose the tournament.

Globo’s monopoly on sports ended for good…

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