Along with Domenicali, Briatore suggests a return to F1

Flavio Briatore between Nelsinho Piquet and Fernando Alonso, before ‘Singapuragate’ (Photo: Renault)

Paddock GP #261 previews Formula 1’s return to the United States

Formula 1 will go through a period of extensive changes starting next year, mainly taking into account the entry of a new technical regulation, but the new cars may not be the only novelties in the category in 2022. Flavio Briatore, ex- Benetton and Renault’s team boss and banned from F1 in the 2009 episode of ‘Singapuragate’, may be back. The Italian posted a video on his Instagram in which he appears alongside the head of the category, Stefano Domenicali, and warns fans to expect “a new chapter”.

“New energy, new power and new enthusiasm for Formula 1,” said the former manager in the video. “A new chapter in Formula 1 is about to begin: we will bring you all the excitement, entertainment, fun and energy that this fantastic sport deserves”, completed Briatore in the caption of the post. It is noteworthy that Christian Horner, current team manager at Red Bull, welcomed the Italian: “It’s great to see you getting involved with the sport again,” he said.

Briatore was banned from Formula 1 indefinitely in 2009, after evidence brought to light his participation in the 2008 ‘Singapuragate’. Pat Symonds convinced the Brazilian Nelsinho Piquet to crash on turn 17 of the circuit on purpose, as a way to activate the safety-car regime on lap 14 and benefit his teammate, Fernando Alonso, who managed to win the race.

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Nelsinho Piquet crashed on purpose at the 2008 Singapore GP, in the biggest scandal in the history of Formula 1 (Photo: F1)

A year later, after an investigation led by the FIA, then-president Max Mosley decided to ban Briatore, his foe, for an indefinite period from any sport linked to the Federation. Thus, the Italian’s last participation in a Formula 1 race was at the Italian GP 2009, the last step before his banishment. In addition, Symonds was also banned, but this one for five years.

Nelsinho Piquet received immunity for his testimony, which brought to light the scandal, considered the biggest in the history of Formula 1. However, the episode ended any chance of the driver returning to work in the biggest category of motorsport in the world. Fernando Alonso, his teammate, was not punished – despite indications that the Spaniard knew about the plan.

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